What Makes Commercial HVAC Services Different from Residential?

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When you are searching for a commercial HVAC specialist and see several listings for residential but not as many for commercial, you might be tempted to select one of the residential contractors instead. That would be a mistake because commercial HVAC services are completely different than residential. While the equipment might be similar and both have the same purpose, contractors need the appropriate training to handle the more complicated nature of commercial HVAC systems.

What Makes Commercial HVAC Services Different from Residential?

First of all, commercial HVAC systems are far larger than residential ones. They have to control temperature and humidity for a larger space. Commercial spaces aren’t just larger in square footage, but they also often have higher ceilings and more heat-generating appliances and equipment that make it necessary for a heftier HVAC system.

A commercial HVAC system often involves various units, so it takes an experienced professional to be able to diagnose which one is malfunctioning. The technician also has to deal with all the connecting components that are never a part of a residential HVAC system. Finally, the code regulations are more stringent for commercial HVAC systems, including the electrical components. The last thing you need is an inexperienced technician to make a mistake that results in an electrical fire or receiving a code violation.

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